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last changeMon, 3 Nov 2014 10:23:23 +0000 (11:23 +0100)
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartxinput: update TODO: remove parametrized structs ParametrizedStruct-V5
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartxinput: rep GetDeviceMotionEvents: full support
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartxcb-doc: add paramref
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartschema: add paramref
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartxcbgen: support paramref in the parser
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartxinput: remove TODO-entry for popcount of a list PopcountList-V5
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartxinput: RawEvents: support lists axisvalues and axisval...
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartxinput: ev ButtonPress, TouchBegin: support list axisvalues
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartxinput: ev KeyPress: support list axisvalues
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartxcb-schema: add listelement-ref
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartdoc: new expr element listelement-ref
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartxcbgen: new expr-type listelement-ref
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartpresent: specify length of RedirectNotify.notifies
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartxinput: rep XIGetProperty: replace bitcase with case XmlFixesNewGenerator-V5
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartxinput: req XIChangeProperty: replace bitcase with...
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartxinput: rep GetDeviceProperty: replace bitcase with...
5 years ago PopcountList-V5
5 years ago ParametrizedStruct-V5
5 years ago XmlFixesNewGenerator-V5
5 years ago ListInputDevices-V5
6 years ago PopcountList-V4
6 years ago ParametrizedStruct-V4
6 years ago XmlFixesNewGenerator-V4
6 years ago ListInputDevices-V4
6 years ago PopcountList-V3
6 years ago ParametrizedStruct-V3
6 years ago XmlFixesNewGenerator-V3
6 years ago ListInputDevices-V3
6 years ago master
6 years ago QueryDeviceState-V3
6 years ago PopcountList-V2
6 years ago ParametrizedStruct-V2