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last changeMon, 3 Nov 2014 10:23:17 +0000 (11:23 +0100)
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartgenerator: support parametrized structs ParametrizedStruct-V7
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartgenerator: support listelement-ref PopcountList-V7
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartgenerator: _c_accessor_get_length: remove buggy special...
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartgenerator: generate accessors for events, too
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartgenerator: no type-setup for eventcopies anymore
2014-11-03 Christian Linhart_c_helper_fieldaccess_expr: remove handling for empty sep ListInputDevices-V7
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartfunction _c_helper_fieldaccess_expr: improve description
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartrename _c_helper_absolute_name to _c_helper_fieldaccess...
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartgenerator: sumof with nested expression
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartgenerator: sumof: support any type, generate explicit...
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartgenerator: expressions can generate pre-code
2014-11-03 Christian Linhartgenerator: fix absname for fields with only accessor...
2014-10-20 Christian Linhartno typename for nested structs NestedStructTypenames-V5
2014-10-20 Christian Linhartgenerator: fix align-pads for switches which start... QueryDeviceState-V5
2014-10-20 Christian Linhartgenerator: support lists of structs which contain a...
2014-09-09 Christian Linhartgenerator: support fixed size lists in var-sized structs
5 years ago PopcountList-V7
5 years ago ParametrizedStruct-V7
5 years ago ListInputDevices-V7
6 years ago master
6 years ago PopcountList-V6
6 years ago ParametrizedStruct-V6
6 years ago ListInputDevices-V6
6 years ago ParametrizedStruct-V5
6 years ago PopcountList-V5
6 years ago ParametrizedStruct-V4
6 years ago QueryDeviceState-V5
6 years ago NestedStructTypenames-V5
6 years ago ListInputDevices-V5
6 years ago PopcountList-V4
6 years ago ParametrizedStruct-V3
6 years ago QueryDeviceState-V4